Friday, April 26, 2013

A girl and her chickens

Today I'd like to talk about my sister and her chickens. She's raising them as a school project and she is doing her whole blog about them (find her blog here). Anyway she just moved them into their newly finished coop and out of the brooiter witch is where the chickens go after the incubator. Luckily this got rid of that reek that they admitted into the house, mostly. She has five chicks, one of witch she hatched in her homemade incubator. Also, another is an Americana, it's a very great egg layer and we hope it will supply us with a good amount. One thing I hate is that she gave them almost all P names like Paco, Portia, Penelope, Periwinkle, and the only non P name Silva. My sister did a lot of work on the coop but not all in fact I helped a lot too! My least favorite part was the hardware cloth it was not easily mold able and the cut ends were sharp! But the chickens got to be let out while we did the roof because the walls were finished.